Saturday June 1st we have four pieces of work for the closing day of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s extraordinary Fluxus season in the Noon to Midnight program in collaboration with Chris Rountree and so many incredible collaborators, including designs from Chu-Hsuan Chang, Nina Caussa, Kate Fry and Jackie Zhou.

You can read more and book all-day tickets ($10!) for come-and-go access to these four (!) new works and more experimental music projects by clicking here.

“And we make, of course, failures, and we make mistakes, but we sometimes get glimpses of what we might do next.” – John Cage



1PM-630PM – Blue Ribbon Garden, Walt Disney Concert Hall

 Benjamin Patterson: Composition for Any Situation


1:45PM – Keck Amphitheatre, Walt Disney Concert Hall

 La Monte Young: Piano Piece for David Tudor No. 2


6:30PM – Carson Amphitheatre, Walt Disney Concert Hall

 La Monte Young Composition 1960 #5


9PM – BP Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall

 John Cage’s Water Walk: Repetitions and Resets