Wilderness works internationally to push the envelope of the traditional theatre-going experience. Inspired by disused, unexplored and uninhabited spaces, we create immersive, experiential and interdisciplinary theatrical events that disrupt the boundaries between observer and observed. We offer intimate live experiences in a variety of traditional and non-traditional spaces, which have included a disused engine shop in Los Angeles, vacant BBC executive offices and a Victorian attic in London, the proscenium stage at the Getty Villa, and the backstage fly loft at the San Francisco Playhouse.

Founded in 2011 by Artistic Director Annie Saunders, the award-winning company has been described as “a company of theatre makers whose body of work will, in time, define a new generation of artists.” (Madani Younis, Artistic Director, Bush Theatre, London)

Wilderness began in the spirit of adventure and curiosity: a deep drive to explore that which is hidden in plain sight. The company makes its work in periods of research, experimentation, improvisation and development which brings together performers, designers, writers, artists and experts from across disciplines, with crucial support from many partners.