The Big Chase

The Big Chase was created in collaboration with HeLo, 180 Amsterdam and ASICS to launch an all-terrain urban running shoe with a unique performance event. Audience members ran 5 miles across Downtown Los Angeles to complete the experience, which told the story of a shape-shifting femme fatale. Inspired by mob-era history, coyote folklore and Los Angeles mythology and using thirty performers in eight site-specific locations, this extravaganza was open for one night only to an audience of sixty unsuspecting urban runners, who thought they were just out for a twilight run through Downtown LA.

Los Angeles 2017

Cast and crew

Client ASICS

Agency 180 Amsterdam

Producer HeLo

Director Annie Saunders

Associate Director Effie Loy

Scenic Design Nina Caussa

Lighting Design Elizabeth Harper

Sound Design Mikaal Sulaiman

Costume Design Kate Fry

Cast Anthony Nikolchev, Gema Galiana, Jacqueline Tozzi, Juliet Deem, Molly Connor, Brad Culver, Ryan Masson, Mike Merchant, Peabody Southwell, Jessica Hemingway, Jonathan Bangs, Mark Skeens, Natalia Ochoa, Jen Albert, Dawn Sam Alden, Eddie Segura, Mauricio Gomez Amoretti, Angelina Prendergast

Freerunners Sean Nobles, Joe Santos, Riley Miner, Samjai Daniels, Sydney Olson, Luke Anderson

Music Director  Bob Parins

Band Jason Fabus, Seth Ford-Young, Corey Gemme, Bob Parins

vimeo video

“Wilderness turned our abstract concept into a concrete, entertaining story set in a rich and colorful theatrical world. The whole experience, which was choreographed across a complex maze of locations, was inventive, emotional and full of surprises. Our audience was blown away and the event was a huge success. Throughout the entire creation process the Wilderness team was agile, collaborative and just plain fun to work with.” – 180 Amsterdam