Our Country

“A striking dream world...one of the most ambitious pieces we have presented to date.” - The Getty Villa

A dynamic re-imagining of Antigone with a contemporary twist, examining the unique qualities of the sibling bond, situated in a huge blanket fort, born out of Antigone’s imagination after she is buried alive.

An up-close and human exploration of the heroine and the brother she buries, this original devised work pulls from current events, the Wild West, ancient Greece and our own childhood living rooms for a fresh and personal look at the legacy of Oedipus, offering insight into how the themes in this story are alive in our culture both privately and publicly today.

Getty Villa (work in progress) 2016
San Francisco Playhouse (work in progress) 2015

Cast & Crew
Becca Wolff Co-Creator Director
Annie Saunders Co-Creator, Performer
Max Hersey Performer
John Zalewski Sound Designer
Melissa Trn Costume Designer
Chu-Hsuan Chang Lighting Designer
Nina Caussa Scenic Designer
Ash Nichols Production Manager
Christian Cagigal Illusion Consultant
James Ard Live Recording/Playback Designer
Juliet Deem Creative Production Associate