Leaves of Grass

A text and movement piece examining how we become alike, what that means about the insularity of the self, and how this phenomenon of similarity affects our relationships.

The performance has been presented in REDCAT’s Studio Series and Lily Kwong’s indoor garden at the 14th Factory, and as part of the City of Santa Monica’s outdoor spring performance series in Tongva Park.

In 2013, Leaves of Grass was initially presented in the Studio Series at REDCAT in Los Angeles.

Cast & Crew

2017 14th Factory Cast & Crew

Juliet Deem Performer
Ariyan Kassam Performer
Jessica Hemingway Performer
Emily Meister Performer
Mike Merchant Performer
John Zalewski Sound Design
Amanda Lee Costume Design
Molly Connor Stage Manager
Eric Vosmeier Production Manager
Annie Saunders Concept and Direction
Gema Galiana Associate Director, Photography & Videography

2013 REDCAT Cast & Crew

Chris Polick Performer
Annie Saunders Performer
Francois Pierre Couture Scenic Design
John Zalewski Sound Design
Stacy McKenney Lighting Design
Annie Saunders Concept and Direction