The System

In development

Currently in development, The System is our most ambitious work to date. It will take place as live episodic performances elapsing over an extended period, site-specifically in Downtown Los Angeles. Content will also be developed for multi-platform broadcast across digital, interactive, audio interface and television.

A series of unsolved violent crimes unfolds across Los Angeles and begins to spread throughout the world. All the victims are male. A collective of elite detectives forms in secret to uncover the mystery.

Inspired by classic Los Angeles noir and the cartography of Raymond Chandler’s LA, The System takes place in the subliminal present and examines masculinity, patriarchy, female rage and the urge of humanity to save itself and the planet as well as the continuous appeal of Noir and the figure of the hardboiled detective as magnetic American icon as a portal into patriarchy and the key to its undoing.

We are currently seeking commissioning partners, collaborators and technologists to join us on this project. We’d love to hear from you.